About Verdis


Created in 2010, VERDIS Synthetic Fuels is dedicated to the commercialization of a patented catalyst technology which converts wasted or stranded natural gas directly into market-ready ultra-clean diesel fuel.

As a trusted partner, VERDIS Synthetic Fuels devotes itself to delivering outstanding customer value through the manufacture, sales and support of deployable and fully scalable Gas To Diesel (GTD) conversion units.

VERDIS Synthetic Fuels core values include social and environmental responsibility, customer focus and safety at work.

VERDIS Synthetic Fuels has sought patent protection for the technology in 26 countries.


VERDIS Synthetic Fuels offers a unique solution to some of today’s global energy and environmental challenges.

Using a patented catalyst with a proven Fisher-Tropsch process, the units convert flared or stranded natural gas directly into ultra-clean diesel.

This fuel has zero sulfur or aromatic contents and therefore significantly exceeds the world´s most stringent air pollution standards.  VERDIS Synthetic Fuels diesel is uniquely produced in a single pass, at low pressure, with no need for further refining through hydro-cracking. Surplus electricity and potable water are also by-products, making the unit self-powering.

Our field-proven technology will therefore provide a highly profitable incentive for companies to stop the environmentally damaging process of flaring and exploit stranded gas deposits that are uneconomical through conventional means. It will also offer countries with natural gas supplies, but limited fuel refining capacity, a relatively quick route towards domestic diesel production, and thus enhanced energy security, without the massive capital expenditures common to conventional petrochemical plants.


VERDIS Syntehtic Fuels FZE is the commercial vehicle of our patented technology and was founded in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, United Arab Emirates, in April 2010.  This location was chosen given its first-class infrastructure, proximity to our 3 initial markets and financially attractive business incentives.

Canada Chemical Corporation is the R&D arm of our patented technology, based in Calgary, Canada, which has been developing highly innovative technology solutions for the oil and gas industry since 2001 and own 100% of VERDIS Syntehtic Fuels FZE.


Be the first company to bring deployable and fully scalable Gas To Liquid (GTL) conversion units and then become a leader in this untapped niche market in each key geographical market.


To deliver economic value and benefits to key stakeholder groups

  1. Industry by providing highly profitable tool by which to reduce their harmful flaring or venting practices, thus lowering their carbon footprint
  1. Energy consumers by having the opportunity to buy the ultra-clean diesel produced, and through their choice, will be positively influencing the environmental behavior of the oil and gas industry.
  1. Government regulators by providing vital market incentives to underpin it, which have shown to be far more effective than regulations alone.
  1. Environment by having less natural gas flared or vented each year will lower the quantity of harmful CO2 emissions.  Second, the ultra-clean diesel will provide a source of ultra-clean fuel to private consumers and the transportation industry, which will help further lower air pollution levels.

Verdis converts gas into Ultra Clean diesel