Verdis ULSD

Verdis Premium ULSD Fuel


The Verdis streamlined production process allows single-pass, market ready diesel fuel production, which eliminates the need for complex and expensive hydrocracking post-processing.

The Verdis ULSD fuel complies and exceeds the most strict diesel fuel regulations and standard – including EPA regulations – and can be directly used on any diesel engine, from regular cars, vans, and trucks to super heavy-duty engines found in trains, ships… even combat tanks!


The diesel produced with our patented catalyst has special characteristics which make it a particularly high-value product.

  • First, our process is unique in that it produces vehicle ready diesel directly from the conversion unit.  Unlike our competitors, our product does NOT have a high wax content.  Therefore, there is no need for further, expensive, refining through hydrocracking.
  • Second, our diesel has a very high Cetane number (78, versus a normal specification of 43).  This allows for cleaner, higher-yield combustion.
  • Fourth, as the graphic above shows, it produces 94% hydrocarbons versus an industry standard 45-50%.
  • Fifth, because of the nature of our unit’s chemical reaction, the diesel has Zero sulfur and Zero aromatics content, making it the cleanest burning diesel available.

Because of these unique characteristics, our customers can either use or sell the diesel as it is, or, they can use it as blending stock.   This means that by mixing our Zero sulphur/Zero aromatics diesel with conventional diesel, they can “dilute” their way to complying with whatever regulations are in force concerning allowable levels of sulfur and aromatics content in that country or jurisdiction.  This would be significantly cheaper than achieving the same effect through further conventional refining.

In addition to producing a particularly high-value product, VERDIS units will also achieve a natural gas to diesel conversion ratio of some 10,000:1, which is significantly more efficient than other micro-GTL systems can offer.  This will ensure excellent customer value and an average payback period of only 3 years based on the anticipated capital and operational expenses of the equipment.


Verdis converts gas into Ultra Clean diesel