Executive team

Rob AYASSE (CEO): Having served in the Canadian army as a Combat Engineer, he completed an M.Sc. Econ degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Then he served two years in the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and moved to NATO HQ  in Brussels, working over nine years on the NATO-led efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Afghanistan. In addition Rob serves on the Board of Directors of both AlchemField Services, based in Oklahoma, USA, and the Canada Chemical Corporation, headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has completed an Executive MBA from IE Business School.

Alan Ayasse, (CT & EO): Alan graduated 20 years ago from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.  He subsequently completed a Master of Science degree, also in Chemical Engineering, and worked in the Chemical and Oil industry including several years with The Dow Chemical Company and Shell Canada Ltd.  His experience includes research, process design, plant operations, process safety, as well as management and strategic planning.  He has also worked as a project engineer and as a six sigma project leader.  Alan is currently the president of the Canada Chemical  Corporation.

Renaud CLAUSSE (CFO): Since his graduation in 2000 in Finance & Management from the Sorbonne University in Paris, he has spent more than 75% of his career working overseas. His areas of activity have included acting as a corporate Financial Controller and business analyst, with a particular focus on mergers & acquisitions. From 2005 to 2007, he participated in the development of a business platform in Australia which saw exponential growth from M€ 2 to M€ 100.  Most recently, he completed an Executive MBA from the IE Business School.

Jorge GÓMEZ (CSO): has a natural ability to combine people and innovation to produce high performance solutions, and brings over twelve years of managerial experience on key positions for high profile multinational companies. Jorge is well known for his passion, tenacity, positive attitude, sense of humor and commitment to excellence. He graduated in M.Sc. in Computer Science from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and most recently, completed an Executive MBA from the IE Business School.

Ágata MATABUENA (COO): Following the completion of a B.Sc. degree in International Transport at Cardiff University in 1999, she joined DHL Worldwide Express at its regional headquarters in Brussels. Activities included Network Planning, Development and Deployment of Customer Programs, and a range of customer support activities including as a Program Manager.  She was also responsible for the Operations design of new regional products such as Next Day US service from Europe and the roll out of an online European Return Service. Most recently, she completed an Executive MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.



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